Ten Possible Causes of Gas Water Heaters Failing to Fight

Gas fired water heaters are not a problem that many people will encounter, but many people are not very clear about the cause of the fire. If you happen to encounter a situation where the gas water heater is not on fire, don't worry first, let Xiao Bian popularize the ten possible causes of the water heater not being able to catch fire, and the solution to the ten kinds of water heaters that cannot fight the fire.

One of the reasons why water heaters can't get fire: Power problems

Water heater can not fight the fire solution: Check the AC power plug light is lit, first remove the power supply part of the problem.

The second reason why the water heater cannot reach the fire: Solenoid valve failure

Water heaters can not fight the fire solution: If you only hear the sound of ignition when the ignition, there is no magnetic valve "å—’" magnetic absorption sound, may be damaged or aging solenoid valve. The aging of the solenoid valve will not be controlled. At the beginning of the fire, it will catch and fire, but it will be closed and extinguished. It may also be because the gas pressure is too high or too low. The cylinder heater will use the cylinder decompression. Valve output pressure is too high or too low to use the water heater can not be on fire; more likely because the solenoid valve has dirt, the solenoid valve can not pass gas, gas (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas) can not come out, can not come out, so that point No fire. Before confirming that the solenoid valve is good or bad, make sure that the igniter control circuit is normal. If there is a fault, you cannot control the solenoid valve to close.

The third reason for the failure of the water heater: the failure of the electric igniter

The solution for the water heater not working: The pulse igniter and the controller have a fault on one side, and the water heater cannot ignite.

The fourth reason for the failure of the water heater: ignition porcelain needles or porcelain porcelain needles

The water heater can not solve the fire solution:

a. It is very difficult to ignite when the ignition needle is deviated or aged, and it can be replaced or placed correctly.

b. Induction aging, can be placed on the sensor polishing (to make the fire regardless of the fire or a small fire can fully burn the sensor needle) can be.

The fifth reason why water heaters cannot reach fire: water pressure problems

The water heater can not solve the fire solution:

a. When the water pressure is low, the water heater cannot start normally;

b. The plugging of the filter at the water inlet causes the water to not flow properly and can be cleaned.

The sixth reason why the water heater cannot reach the fire: Water and gas linkage device failure

The water heater can not solve the fire solution:

a. The aging or damage of the tympanic membrane in the water and gas linkage valve cannot push the micro switch;

b. The micro switch is bad.

The seventh reason why the water heater cannot reach the fire: The air source switch is not turned on or the inlet air filter is blocked

The solution to the problem that the water heater is not on fire: Open the air source and clean the air intake filter.

Eight of the reasons why the water heater cannot be used: The gas does not match

Water heaters can not fight the fire solution: For example, the liquefied gas water heater received natural gas, etc., this situation requires the liquefied gas water heater to change the gas before they can access.

Nine of the reasons why the water heater could not reach the fire: The valve seal was corroded by the gas and then rose.

Water heaters can not fight the fire solution: replacement parts.

Ten Reasons Why Water Heaters Can't Fight: The Smoke Pipe Fails to Exhaust

The water heater can not solve the fire solution:

a. There is a blockage in the smoke pipe, clear the blockage of the smoke pipe;

b. The smoke tube is too long and is not properly installed.

Summary: Gas water heaters do not catch fire and do not worry, do not rush to send repairs, first in accordance with the above ten cases to investigate, maybe only some of the problems that they can solve.

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