In summer, everything needs wood moisture protection

Gradually into the summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the moisture content of the wood is large. Once the drying season occurs, once the water evaporates, it will produce dry cracks. Therefore, the wood must be damp-proof before the summer decoration. Can be painted on the surface of wooden products moisture-proof paint, but also need to apply anti-corrosion primer. When buying wood keel, be sure to choose a better dryness. Since the wood keel is generally used for frame ceilings and hidden in the interior of the model, if the wood keel has high moisture content and is not ventilated, it will deform, mold, and even rot in the future.

Before paving the floor tiles and wall tiles, the bottom layer of the veneer must not be too dry. Generally, the water should be poured before the treatment, allowing it to absorb about half an hour, and then cement mortar should be used to ensure firm bonding. Because the material is drier than normal, the time required for the treatment of the foamed water for tiles, tiles, etc. needs to be extended so that it is sufficiently close to saturation. In this way, it is possible to avoid emptying and falling off when cement is cemented.

It is humid in the summer and the latex paint will dry slowly, moldy and smelly during the decoration process. Therefore, we must first do a good job to dry the base putty, the walls must be played three times or more putty before they can paint. After each hit putty, there must be sufficient drying time, good ventilation, and minimize indoor moisture. If the putty does not dry out, putty or brush paint repeatedly, will lock too much water, the long-term wall will appear in the past, "sweat" phenomenon, and even lead to large areas of cracking.

During summer decoration, attention should also be paid to the effect of high temperature on the details. For example, when paving stone on the window sill, the construction team is required to apply more glue to the intersection of the stone and the window frame to avoid lax sealing and easy water in the future. The use of plastic steel doors and windows when developers use the house pays special attention to the thermal expansion and contraction of plastic steel.

At the same time, summer is a peak period of indoor air pollution. As the temperature rises and the humidity increases, the release of harmful gases will increase. Indoor air pollution testing in the summer, the indicators will be about 20% higher than other seasons. Therefore, after the summer renovation, air-conditioning should not be turned on and indoor air circulation should be maintained so that harmful substances can be distributed in a timely manner. At the same time, select appropriate plants to absorb harmful substances, so that the joy of housewarming will come soon.

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