Six strokes allow beautiful tiles to speak

First, tap the tile to hear the sound is crisp, the sound is more brittle, the degree of porcelain, the higher the density, good hardness.

2. If the tiles are scratched with sharp objects, if the scratches indicate that the glaze is poor and people slip easily, after the glaze on the surface is polished, the brick surface will not be clean.

Third, the back of the tile drops a few drops of tea juice or water, wait a few minutes later, depending on the degree of inhalation of water droplets, non-absorbent or low water absorption is good quality.

Fourth, the color and clearness of the tiles are natural, indicating that the degree of porcelain is high, the color is not clear, and the degree of porcelain is low.

Fifth, the warpage observation: to the naked eye to see if the side of the tile is straight, if the warping situation will seriously affect the future of the ceramic tile.

6. During the purchase, if there are any pinholes on the surface within one meter, the surface of the glaze is not fully fused, and it is easy to produce dirt.

ceramic tile

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