Creative mosaic material classification and purchasing skills

Anti-slip, wear-resisting, water-resistance, strong plasticity and rich colors make the mosaic from the moment of birth and the bathroom become indissoluble. Its strong personality makes many people choose one more option when decorating the bathroom.

Mosaic can be divided into three categories from the material:

Ceramic mosaic: It can be preserved without any modification. If it is glazed, it will form a smooth surface. The general ceramic mosaic has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistance and easy cleaning, but its plasticity is not strong, and it is mostly used for exterior walls, kitchens, and the like.

Marble Mosaic: The texture of natural marble is varied and the decorative effect is very strong. The color and variety are extremely rich, and different colors can be organically combined into different patterns. Its scope of use is also very extensive, such as the hotel lobby, aisle, bathroom and so on.

Glass mosaic: Glass mosaic is the safest building material. It is made of natural minerals and glass. It is light, acid, alkali and chemical resistant. It is an outstanding environmental protection material. Glass mosaic has two basic characteristics: one is transparency and the other is reflective. Its color is very bright, designed for better graphics. Its fantastic colors give people clean, clear enjoyment, and can be widely used in bathrooms and swimming pools, but they are not wear-resistant and are rarely used on the ground.

Anti-skid wear, full color, good water absorption, which is the main reason consumers choose to mosaic, in addition, when purchasing can pay attention to the following aspects:

● The specifications are neat. When buying, pay attention to whether the particles are the same size and size? Is every small grain edge neat? Place the monolithic mosaic on the level of the ground to see if it is flat? Is there a thick latex layer on the back of the monolithic mosaic?

● rigorous process. The first is to touch the glaze, you can feel the degree of slip; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, the density is high before the water absorption rate is low; the last is to look at the texture, the middle glaze is usually a good quality mosaic.

● Low water absorption. This is an element that guarantees the durability of the mosaic, so check the water absorption rate, drop the water droplets to the back of the mosaic, and the quality of the water droplets spilling out is good and the quality of the infiltration is inferior.

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