The National Stone Conference was closed! Leaving the "good voice" of green development

Abstract Guizhou Provincial Vice Governor Tao Changhai National Stone Congress has closed its curtain! Leaving the "good voice" of green development on August 26, the 2018 National Stone Mine Conference was held. More than a thousand guests gathered in China (Anshun) Stone City to discuss the green development of the stone industry and promote the stone line...


Deputy Governor of Guizhou Province Tao Changhai

The National Stone Conference was closed! Leaving the "good voice" of green development

On August 26th, the 2018 National Stone Mine Conference was held. More than a thousand guests gathered in China (Anshun) Stone City to discuss the green development of the stone industry and comprehensively promote the construction of green mines in the stone industry. At present, although the 2018 National Stone Mine Conference and related activities have been completed, the voice of green development still inspires stone people to join hands.


Stone: Green development requires advanced technology

At the meeting, Liu Zhixue, a professor-level senior engineer of Sinoma Geological Engineering Exploration and Research Institute Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the topic of “Geological and Geophysical Exploration of Stone Mines”. He believed that by using physical exploration technology, it is possible to judge the ore body within the mining area more intuitively. The general distribution of the complete area, combined with conventional geological work, can scientifically evaluate the integrity of the stone mine, which is conducive to the protection and development of the ore body.


Solid waste: comprehensive utilization, turning waste into treasure

Stone mine tailings not only occupy land resources, but also cause serious ecological pollution, which is one of the problems in the development of the stone industry. Xie Cheng, general manager of the Stone Machinery Division of Guangdong Keda Jieneng Co., Ltd., combined with practical experience, shared the methods and cases of comprehensive utilization of stone mine tailings to the guests, which caused hot discussion on the spot. “Waste is a misplaced resource, and the green development of the stone industry needs to strengthen the use of residue and waste minerals, turning it into a waste.” Zheng Jiatao, deputy general manager of Qingdao Beiyuan Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd. proposed multi-industry integration The ecological model of resource utilization of solid waste has the same effect as Xie Cheng.

Anshun: Green mine construction is at the forefront of the province

The stone industry is an important pillar industry, characteristic emerging industry and characteristic brand of Anshun City. Anshun has built the largest stone trading center in Southwest China and launched a series of local stone brands. In this regard, Yu Wenbo, dean of the Resource Exploration Institute of the Guizhou Building Materials Industry Geological Exploration Center, praised: "Anshun is the largest stone industry base in Guizhou. Now all the mines that have been mined have carried out green development plans, restoration and restoration. He has been at the forefront of the province in promoting the construction of green mines."


Initiative: Establishing a New Era of Ecological Civilization

At the meeting, the China Stone Association and the major stone mining enterprises signed the "China Stone Green Mine Construction Proposal" on the site, and jointly advocated: firmly establish the socialist ecological civilization concept, and the concept of green development and sustainable development will be integrated into the development and utilization of stone resources. The whole process; adhere to the green water Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, all stone enterprises must actively strive to create a national green mine, accelerate the construction of the green development of the stone industry; adhere to the scientific and innovative development concept, and constantly optimize the mining technology and equipment Improve resource comprehensive utilization, realize resource conservation and protective development; actively adapt to the requirements of the new era, adhere to green development is the only development path of China's stone industry, jointly safeguard the resources of the industry development, and strive to promote the health and sustainable of the stone industry development of.

Forum: shoulder the responsibility of reviving domestic stone

At the subsequent 2018 Huangguoshu Stone Industry Summit Forum, Su Guijun, Vice President of China Building Materials Industry Planning and Research Institute, Executive Vice President of China Stone Association and Chairman of Xiamen Wanli Stone Co., Ltd. Hu Jingpei made relevant speeches. With the theme of “Returning the Value of Domestic Stones”, they confessed their hearts and made a collective voice for the development of domestic stone. And called on the new era stone people to shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing domestic stone, to make their own contribution to promote domestic stone.

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