Eight kinds of pests and diseases hit in the autumn shoots, which is the key to the drug

Autumn is the autumn season of citrus extraction, and it is the expansion period of fruit. The autumn shoots are the result of the coming of the fruit tree in the coming year. The quality of the autumn shoots and the quantity of the autumn shoots directly affect the yield and quality of the coming year. Therefore, while grasping the management of citrus fertilizer and water, it is especially important to do a good job in pest control.

Orange fruit is a fresh fruit. In the prevention and control of pests and diseases, green pollution-free techniques should be vigorously promoted, such as the use of frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps, electronic moth-killing lamps, sexual attractants, sweet and sour liquor to trap citrus pests; Poisonous pesticides, such as biological pesticides ; promote orange fruit bagging and reduce the use of pesticides. Do not spray pesticides within 30 days before picking of orange fruit. The use of floral imported bird repellent hangs to avoid bird feeding.

The main pests and diseases in autumn include red spider, rust spider, scale insect, citrus hibiscus, leaf miner, ulcer disease, anthracnose and scab. Prevention and control should seize the timely and timely prevention and control, and the effect will be twice the result with half the effort.

1, red spider

Mainly harmful leaves, branches and fruits. The front of the leaf and the surface of the fruit showed pale spots. When there are insects and eggs on each leaf (fruit) 5-10 heads, it is the key control period.

2, rust spider

Mainly harmful to the leaves and fruits, the fruit forms the citrus fruit (black fruit). When there are 2-3 insects per leaf and fruit, or when seeing gray dew, it is the key control period.

3, scale insects

Mainly harmful leaves, branches and fruits. The damaged leaves turn yellow, causing the branches and fruits to be rough and uneven. When each leaf (fruit) has a head, it is a key period of control during the nymphal period, especially at the age of one.

4, citrus hibiscus

It mainly kills young shoots and spreads the pathogen of Huanglongbing. It is necessary to spray the medicine in the young shoots of the young shoots, and to ensure that the three medicines control the rafts, which can achieve better control of the hibiscus in the orchard.

5, the leaf miner

Mainly harmful to the leaves. There are many silvery white worms on the affected leaves. The germination period of summer and autumn shoots is the key prevention period. That is, 7-10 days after the shoot, when the shoot rate of the young shoots has 20% of the eggs or eggs, it is suitable for prevention and treatment.

6, ulcer disease

Mainly harmful to leaves and shoots, fruits. The prominent features of the lesion are a spongy rupture with a slight depression in the middle. Shooting, flowering and young fruit period are suitable for chemical control.

7, anthracnose

Mainly harmful leaves, branches and fruits. There are black dots on the lesion. The summer and autumn shoots and the young fruit period are the key control periods.

8, scab disease

Mainly harmful to leaves and fruits. The lesion is raised into a tumor. Spring bud germination and young fruit period are the key control period.

Special attention should also be paid to resin diseases, macula maculopathy and plague brown rot. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the Jidin insects (including the two kinds of worms and larvae) and the beetles (both artificial killing and poisoning), and the larvae (the yellow worm and artificial killing) and citrus Prevention and control of whitefly and the like.

To prevent pests and diseases, it is the key to the use of drugs.

1, control red spider, rust spider

The following agents can be used: 15% ketone emulsifiable concentrate 1500-2000 times solution, or tetramethylpyrazine-diphenyl phthalate 1500-2000 times solution, or avermectin + endangered or rifamp, or nicotine · 2500 times of matrine, or 250-300 times of omega vegetable oil.

2, prevention and control of citrus meal

25% chlorpyrifos WP 1500 times solution and 10% imidacloprid WP 2000 times solution can be used. Can be used as a 30% solution of 30% thiamethoxam suspension, or 2500 times of 40% thiacloprid suspension, or 23% lambda-cyhalothrin, or buprofezin· thiacloprid suspension 3000 kg of water, etc.

3, attending scales

You can choose 40% speed emulsified milk 1000 times 25% sputum net emulsifiable oil 900 times liquid, 35% quick gram 800 times liquid. It can be used as a front-end 25% thiamethoxam water-dispersible granule 3000 times solution, or 40% thiacloprid suspension 2500 times solution, or 40% bifenthrin thiacloprid suspension.

4, citrus hibiscus

Imidacloprid or thiamethoxam, or chlorpyrifos, or phoxim can be used.

5, control leaf miner

Can choose 1.8% avermectin (worm) milk 2000-3000 times liquid, etc., or 5% avermectin blue emulsifiable oil 2500-3000 times liquid, or Shijia Longbao 1.8% avermectin 1000 times liquid, or Shijia Shenjian 5% avermectin EC 3000 times solution, or insect clear 5% bismuth urea emulsifier 1500-2000 times solution.

6, prevention and treatment of ulcer disease

77% copper hydroxide 600 times liquid, or 53.8% copper hydroxide dispersible granule 900 times liquid, or 30% copper thiophene suspension 800 times liquid + 4% spring ginmycin aqueous solution 800 times, or 3% Thiamycin copper suspension + tetramycin 500 times solution, or 27.12% basic copper sulfate suspension (copper noble) 500-600 times solution, or 4% spring seromycin solution 800 times solution + Kay gram bacteria Dan 800 times liquid.

7, prevention of resin disease

Use a knife to scrape the lesions to the xylem (the scraped bark is burned intensively) and then apply the medicine. 70% thiophanate WP 80 times solution, 80% mancozeb 20 times solution, 77% copper hydroxide wet powder 600 times solution can be used to treat the lesions.

8, lipid spot maculopathy

Foliar application of 50% chlorpyrifos WP 800 times solution, or 40% solution of 40% chlortetracycline suspension, or 325 g / L benzyl azoxystrobin suspension 4000 times, or Fuchunqiu pyraclostrobin ester tebuconazole and other fruits to prevent maculopathy.

9, anthracnose

Foliar application of 37% difenoconazole water dispersible granules 4000 times solution, or 60% ether oxystrobin water dispersible granules 4000 times solution, or 325 g / L benzene azoxystrobin suspension 4000 times solution , or 45% prochloraz aqueous emulsion 1000-1250 times liquid and the like.

10. Plaque brown rot

Foliar application of TPV (enoylmorpholine pyraclostrobin), or 30% Thiosen copper suspension control, especially near the ground, the disease is prone to occur after high temperature rainfall, it is necessary to spray protection in time.

(Source: Agricultural Finance Network Citrus Pass)

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