What is the difference between topcoat and primer?

When we decorate the wall, we will use primer and topcoat. The functions they have are different, and what are the differences between topcoat and primer , do you all know? Today I give you What is the difference between the role of paint and primer at presentation, as well as primer and topcoat paint in each stage.

The difference between topcoat and primer

1. From the perspective of the composition of the primer and topcoat, there is a clear difference. The first is the primer, its main components include resin, filler, solvent, and additives; and the components of the topcoat also contain resin, solvent, additives, but there is no filler, even if there is, the amount is also very small .

2. The roles held by the primer and topcoat are different. Primer is the first step in the wall surface process, mainly to fill the entire paint surface so that it can support the use of the top coat, which can better reduce costs; and the top coat is the last one in the wall process The step is to increase the thickness of the paint film, and the top coat can play a good decorative role, and protect the wall from damage.

What is the role of primer and topcoat in the paint stage?

1. The role of primer

â‘  In the paint stage, the primer is the first process, in order to enable the subsequent topcoat process to provide stronger adhesion and fullness, and to greatly increase the wall's anti-alkali and anti-corrosion functions. It also allows the topcoat to be applied evenly when brushing the topcoat to achieve the best overall effect. In other words, no matter how good the topcoat you choose, without primer, there is no much effect.

â‘¡Apply primer on the surface of the wall, which saves the budget needed for decoration better, and also has the effect of doing more with less. Another advantage of using a primer is to make the wall smoother, to apply the topcoat evenly, and to reduce the amount of topcoat required. In this way, the decorative effect of the wall can be kept longer and the life span longer.

2. The role of topcoat

â‘ The top coat is the last layer of the wall coating in the paint stage, and the indoor effect is expressed through the top coat.

â‘¡When producing topcoats, there are very high requirements for the materials used, not only to have good brightness and color, but also to be able to adapt to various external environments and have a protective undercoating effect. Therefore, when choosing fabrics, it is necessary to choose fabrics with strong weather resistance.

Editor's remarks: After reading the difference between topcoat and primer , as well as the role of primer and topcoat in the paint stage, now you know everything about primer and topcoat. During the paint phase, both are essential and both play a very large role in protecting the wall.

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