What are the steps to renovate the house?

As we all know, the decoration of a new house is a complex and cumbersome project. In order to decorate the new house, we must consider all aspects, so that the effect of the installation is beautiful and practical, but it is a big challenge for the layman. So what are the steps to decorate the house ? What are the precautions for new house decoration? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What are the steps to decorate the house

1. Early design: The house is a harbor where everyone parks, so first of all, design the style of the room according to your own preferences, which facilitates the construction behind.

2. Demolition of the main body: the house must be measured before the decoration, and the demolition of the house means to build the decoration frame first. In addition, the load-bearing wall cannot be dismantled during demolition, otherwise it will affect the safety of the house.

3. Renovation of details: After the frame is completed, it is necessary to fill in the details. First, the hydropower transformation is carried out, followed by the suspended ceiling, tiling, and wall paint. After these treatments are completed, install electrical appliances such as range hoods.

4. Kitchen, door, floor: After the above steps are completed, the door, cabinet, etc. can be installed below. If the back wall is decorated with wallpaper, you can now put wallpaper on the wall.

5. Install lamps and sanitary ware: Be careful when installing lamps and sanitary ware, because most of them are fragile. Secondly, energy-saving lamps can be installed in the aisle, which saves more electricity.

6. Furniture and home appliances come in: clean the house thoroughly, you must clean it carefully, especially the location of the furniture. Secondly, move lightly when moving furniture to avoid damaging the furniture.

2. Analysis of matters needing attention in house decoration

1. Paint and paint must pay attention to explosion-proof: paint and paint are flammable items, although the amount of decoration is small, but also pay special attention. Therefore, the paint should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, the sealing of the container should be good, and it should be kept away from open flames and wires.

2. Wallpaper must pay attention to prevent water loss: because the wallpaper is more convenient to construct, it is favored by many owners. But the wallpaper is very fragile, because the material of the wallpaper is paper, it will be hardened by the weather, making it not conducive to sticking. Therefore, the wallpaper should be preserved before use and should be placed in a cool place. If it is used wallpaper, it should be stored in a plastic bag.

Editor's summary: The steps to decorate the house and related precautions are introduced here. Home is the home of people's hearts, so we must pay special attention to some details when decorating the house, so that we can decorate our satisfactory results, making the living room more beautiful and practical.

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