What are the good brands of floor wax?

If the floor of the new house is laid with wooden floors as decoration, the floor wax will be used in the usual cleaning and sanitation, which can not only protect the floor and make it live longer, but also have a certain aesthetics. But what brand of floor wax is good and can be used with confidence? This must be what many people want to know. Today I will introduce to you what brand of floor wax is good , and how many kinds of floor wax and how to use it.

What brand of floor wax is good

1. Pledge

This brand was founded in the United States in 1886 and has a history of 100 years. It has a very high reputation among consumers.

2. Green umbrella

Founded in 1993, now has more than 20 years of experience, and also has a place in the floor wax market. Not only the development and production of products, but also the sales of them.

3. Huangyu Solunar

Founded in 1994, it has a large-scale production base and uses professional high-tech to produce products. The company focuses on environmental protection to create products that are more reliable for more consumers.

4. Mrs. Polyester

It is a company with high technology, and its products are mainly environmentally friendly. The company not only produces floor wax, but also other household products, and provides consumers with good after-sales protection.

There are several kinds of floor wax and how to use

The first, hand spray bottle wax

It is also called water wax by many people. When you use it, you can spray it directly on the floor. Unlike other floor waxes, you do n’t need to add water to dilute it. About 20 minutes after spraying, it is almost dry and you can polish it.

Second, canned solid wax

This kind of floor wax is also known as a traditional floor wax. Before use, you need to prepare a sponge, pour the floor wax on the sponge, and apply it to the floor. You still don't need to do any dilution. Then wait for about 40 minutes, just use a towel to do the polishing directly. However, it should be noted that this floor wax is not suitable for new floors.

Third, bottled liquid wax

It is also called milky wax, which is also poured on the sponge, evenly applied to the surface of the floor, still without any dilution. After it dries out, use a towel to polish on the ground. Note that it should not be used too frequently, it is almost once a month.

Fourth, pressure canned floor wax

This kind of floor wax, also known as no-gloss high-gloss surface wax, can spray the floor wax directly on the floor surface, or spray the floor wax on the towel, wipe the floor with a towel, and wait for it to dry, just fine Too. However, it should be noted that this amount will be relatively large, and one can only use 10 square meters, which is not suitable for the floor.

Editor's conclusion: What brand of floor wax is good , and how to use the four floor waxes, can now understand clearly. When cleaning the ground, different treatments can be done according to different floor waxes. After spraying the floor wax on the ground, be sure to wait for it to dry and then do the polishing treatment.

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