First put the wall tiles or floor tiles in the bathroom decoration order and spend more than 20,000 yuan

Although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs, this is the bathroom. Generally, the area of ​​the bathroom is about 5-10 square meters. In such a small space, there are really many things to be done for water and electricity, ceiling, waterproof, tiling and so on. For those who are new to decoration , it is more than half successful to figure out the bathroom decoration steps.

â–  So, what are the steps of bathroom decoration?

● Hydropower Transformation

—— "Unable to fix it is equivalent to digging a hole for yourself"

The renovation of water and electricity in the bathroom is the first step of bathroom decoration. Before the cover is built, a detailed design of water and electricity is required to meet the needs of use and facilitate our lives. It is better to be able to repair and maintain it later. Of course, the design is also beautiful. Finally, do a good job of concealed engineering.

● Waterproofing measures

—— "Look at it in the neighborhood"

Household toilets not only have the function of toilet, but also often have the function of bathing and washing. It can be said that the bathroom is a very humid environment, so the waterproof work of the bathroom must be in place during the decoration.

The waterproof coating in the bathroom is extended from the ground to the wall, and the thickness is finely ensured during the painting process. It is also necessary to handle the painting of various pipe fittings at the junction of the ground and the wall.

● Tiling

—— "People rely on clothes and toilets rely on tiles"

Laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom not only has a decorative effect but also enhances the waterproof effect of the walls and floors. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone choose a tile with a concave and convex surface and waterproof, such a tile is very suitable for the bathroom.

● Ceiling design

—— "You can stand the endless" torture "

As a shower place, the toilet often generates a lot of steam, so the ceiling material of the toilet must also have the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistance. The common common bathroom ceiling material is aluminum gusset.

● Sanitary ware installation

—— "Must know how to set the correct position"

The sanitary equipment usually included in the bathroom includes a toilet (squat pan), a bathtub (shower), a shower, a washbasin, a towel rack, and the like. When designing the bathroom, it is necessary to clarify the position and height of each part. It is recommended to use the wet and dry separation decoration method in the bathroom, so that it is more convenient for later use, and can effectively avoid the influence of water vapor on the washbasin material.

● Acceptance of bathroom decoration

—— " Criticism and Self-Criticism "

The final part of the bathroom decoration is the acceptance. Prepare the necessary house inspection tools to check whether the decoration is qualified. If any improper decoration is found, notify the decoration company in time for repair or reinstallation. Ensuring the perfect decoration of the bathroom is the prerequisite for creating a high-quality bathroom life.

The above is an introduction to the general order of bathroom decoration.

â–  Regarding the bathroom decoration steps, some people may ask:

►►►Will the bathroom be decorated with wall tiles or floor tiles first?

Tile laying is generally divided into two laying sequences: wall tiles and floor tiles. There is no strict requirement for the first tiling of wall tiles or floor tiles, no matter which one is laid first.

But for now, the general decoration company or construction party's approach is to lay the wall tiles first, and then lay the floor tiles. This is because after the wall tiles are laid, the floor tiles will not be affected and the construction period will not be delayed. , So general construction parties will adopt this approach.

On the contrary, if the floor tiles are laid first, and then the wall tiles are laid, the wall tiles must be laid after the floor tiles are dried. If the floor tiles are not completely dried, the wall tiles are directly laid and stepped on the floor tiles. The hollow, loose and high and low inequality of tiles!

►►►Will the bathroom first install the water heater or the ceiling?

From the installation point of view, it is definitely more convenient to install the ceiling first than to install the water heater first, because the construction difficulty of the ceiling first will be reduced. If you first suspend the ceiling, you only need to plan the installation position of the water heater in advance, and reserve points according to the overall aesthetics. This will not only ensure the installation effect, but also affect the overall aesthetics.

Some houses have a relatively low floor height, especially some old second-hand houses or old houses, the floor height is much lower than the current. If the water heater is installed first after the ceiling is installed, it is easy to install the water heater low, and it will be inconvenient to take a bath. At this time, you need to install the water heater first, and then hide the water heater in the ceiling.

►►►Will the bathroom decoration be waterproof or backfill first?

It is wrong to do waterproofing before backfilling. First of all, if you do waterproofing before backfilling, and then waterproof again before backfilling and leveling, the waterproofing layer before the first backfilling is no longer necessary, because the waterproofing layer before the ceramic tile can prevent it The water penetrates downwards and does not flow to the parts below the leveling layer and backfill layer at all. Of course, it is necessary to choose brand materials to construct according to the specifications. Secondly, if waterproofing is only done before backfilling, and no longer afterwards, the objective situation of long-term water in the bathroom will cause water to penetrate into the leveling layer and backfill layer That said, all parts above the waterproof layer will be soaked in water for a long time.

First install the toilet in the bathroom decoration or tiling first?

Generally, the floor tiles are installed before the toilet is installed, but before doing so, be sure to reserve the position of the toilet and determine a good distance, then lay the tiles, and then seal the gaps under the toilet with silicone. This has three advantages: 1. Prevent water leakage. If the toilet is installed first, the ceramic tile will be affected during construction, and the ground is easy to leak; 2. Prevent damage. It is inevitable that bumping will cause some damage to the toilet when affixing floor tiles; 3. Easy maintenance. Lay the floor first and install the toilet, which is more convenient for later maintenance.

The steps of bathroom decoration are actually very simple, but it is the basis of bathroom decoration. Only by making it clear, can bathroom decoration proceed smoothly.

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