How to buy a surf bathtub

Many conditional people will choose a surf bathtub when choosing bathroom products, so that they can take a comfortable bath in their own home, but the bathtub is not well-purchased, not only is it uncomfortable to use but also affects the service life. Maintenance is also needed in daily life, so the following editor will introduce how to buy a surf bathtub and what maintenance methods it has!

How to buy a surf bathtub

1. Look at the material

The bathtub is made of pure acrylic and composite board. The material of pure acrylic is easy to repair after slight injury. Just squeeze a little toothpaste onto the wet rag, and then draw a circle clockwise, so that the scratches can be repaired; and the composite board There is only a layer of acrylic on the surface, if you accidentally bump it, it is difficult to restore the original appearance.

2. Look at the cylinder frame

When buying a surf bath, it is best to buy a stainless steel cylinder frame, because the stainless steel cylinder frame can effectively prevent corrosion and rust. The density of the cylinder frame should be hit. If the density is not all, it will affect the bearing capacity.

3. See the function

A bathtub with a good drainage function will not have drainage problems. Many bathtubs have a poor drainage function, which will cause secondary pollution during the second bath, so try to choose a better drainage function.

4. Leakage protection

The leakage protection switch of the bathtub is the most important. If the leakage protection is not good, it is easy to cause accidents, so try to buy some big brands. The big brand bathtubs have two leakage protections. Double insurance can effectively solve the safety leakage problem.

5. Motor

The massage function of the surf bathtub is driven by the motor. The motor of a good brand is of better quality, which can effectively guarantee the surfing effect, and the frequency of failures is very low.

Maintenance method of surf bathtub

1. The surface cleaning should be anti-corrosive

The surface of the bathtub can be gently wiped with turpentine, alcohol and toothpaste. It cannot be cleaned with corrosive detergents. It is also prohibited to use chemicals such as strong alkali and natural water in the tank.

2. Do not use hot water

It is best not to use hot water above 80 degrees in the bathtub. Regular use will shorten the life of the cylinder. If you want to use hot water, you must first put cold water and then hot water.

3. Avoid debris

When the bathtub is being massaged, care should be taken not to block the return water network with debris, etc. The water network blockage will cause excessive load on the pump and burn the pump, so the return water network should be cleaned frequently to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. Do not turn on in the state of no water

If there is no water in the bathtub, the water pump cannot be started. Starting the water pump in the case of sewage in the bathtub will make it easy to burn out. There is a rubber seal ring in the water pump, which will easily damage when returned to heat when idling.

Editor ’s summary: The above is related to how to buy a surf bathtub and surf bathtub maintenance methods. It is best to choose a big brand when buying a bathtub. At the same time, you should also pay attention to maintenance in daily life, so that the service life of the bathtub will be more Long, I hope to help everyone.

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