Grinding device and device for thrust bearing of cone crusher

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Grinding device and device for thrust bearing of cone crusher

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-07

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First, the effect of the thrust bearing and the layout of the cone crusher thrust bearing effect is: support the empty eccentric shaft; reduce the work resistance of the empty eccentric shaft. Together; the accuracy of the device directly affects the meshing clearance of the bevel gear; ensure a reasonable space The eccentric shaft bushing cooperates with the main shaft to prevent the "speed" from appearing.
2. The grinding of the thrust bearing is in the working process of the crusher; the upper circular plate 2 of the thrust bearing is connected with the hollow eccentric shaft 1 by a pin; and is transformed accordingly; the lower three-claw circular plate 5 passes through the peripheral three-claw Inlaid with the bottom cover 7; and the middle circular plate 3 and the middle circular plate 4 are relatively slid. Then a total of 3 sets of touch faces are between the parts 2 and 3; between the parts 3 and 4; the pieces 4 and 5 The need to grind to ensure its outstanding working condition. The purpose of the grinding is to make the flat bearing evenly pressed; to create conditions for the smoothness of the liquid. The whole process can be divided into two parts: rough scraping and fine scraping. You can first check the flatness of the two touch surfaces; you can use the red and pink powder to evenly and thinly apply to detect the two touch surfaces to change in a clockwise direction; the second time to the research, you can use the reverse direction to change; Grinding. Then start with a rough scraping; when scraping, you can use a 25mm flat-blade special blade or a slightly larger diameter. When rough scraping, the touch surface will be scraped off after grinding; if you don't touch it, you can't scrape; the knife movement interval is less than 25mm. The scraped blade should be hook-shaped. Repeat the scraping after grinding. Each scraping can be guaranteed. Some touch points. When the two touch points are evenly distributed, the monthly scraper can scrape the oil storage point; at this moment, it should be paid attention to from the middle of the circular plate; the larger the diameter; the better the touch point demand distribution point should be. The touch point between the two touch surfaces should be no less than 3 points per 25mm X 25mm. The same method can be used for the three kinds of touch surfaces. Consider the different materials of the round plates; The hard circular plate is firstly scraped; and this is used as the reference surface. The uneven touch point on the touch surface or too many touch points will affect the flat working condition of the plane bearing. It is found repeatedly in the on-site fault repair. The moving speed of the claw circular plate is not zero; the three claws on the three-claw circular plate are damaged; the weighted circular plate (friction plate) is worn in a circumferential direction; after the wear, the circular shape becomes an irregular ellipse; The machine presents a problem or forms a "speeding" appearance.
Third, the thrust bearing device ensures that the accuracy of the thrust bearing on the cone crusher is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the crusher. The device can be as follows: (1) The device for pushing the uranium bearing should be compared with each other. The order of the touch surfaces is ensured to be common. (2) The three-claw circular plate should be placed in the bottom cover first; the casting burrs and the remaining molding sand should be cleaned in the bottom cover; then the smooth oil is poured to the right The plane of the three-claw circular plate is flat and flat to detect whether it can be stable. The detection of the spreader can be quietly impacted around the three-claw disc; if the oil splashes from the circumference of the disc, it is proved that there is still a gap between the three-claw disc and the bottom cover. Void; should be sorted and repaired from the beginning. (3) Then the middle circular plate and the circular plate are arranged in good order; the above method can still be selected for the detection method. (4) The final device is an empty eccentric shaft, a spherical pedestal and a main shaft. When hoisting; the large gear counterweight should be placed above the small bevel gear; make the outer end of the bevel gear aligned; after the spherical tile device; the spherical bearing seat and the frame should be used as much as possible for interference cooperation; Three data: the conical umbrella tooth gap a, the main axis and The gap b between the sleeves, the end surface of the empty eccentric shaft and the gap at the bottom of the spherical tile c. (5) summarizing the above three data to consider the gap piece of the tapered bearing; that is, the orientation of the three-claw disk and the bottom cover of the machine The voided sheet is made of a general plate; however, it is prevented as much as possible by the thickness of the steel plate to be finished. If the void is greater than 3. 5mm or more; should consider the bottom cover of the machine and the joint of the frame to reduce the thickness of the gasket or directly lower the total height of the bottom cover; according to the site experience.
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