Single-storey villa decoration style single-storey villa renovation fee

The renovation of single-storey villas has been plaguing many elites. In our single-storey villas, if you want to decorate, in addition to the decoration style, etc., reasonable decoration precautions and points are very important, but if you want to carry out single-storey villa decoration, how about the cost? What? Today, the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the single-storey villa decoration style and renovation costs.


Single-story villa renovation notes:

1. Living with parents, the bathroom is specially designed for safety: households with elderly people should pay special attention to safety in the decoration of the bathroom. For example, the corner treatment should be smooth; various equipments are highly suitable to reduce the movement range of the elderly. The ground should be anti-slip, add more safety handles; try not to use glass or metal materials.

2. There are many floors in the home. It is necessary to install a smart home system to ensure safety: many homes that live in villas or Townhouses must install smart home systems. The security measures in the smart home system can realize the natural switching of the TV. The control center can automatically adjust the AV conversion. When a device is damaged, the recording device will record the scene and automatically play it on the video device. If the homeowner is not at home, the security system will automatically place a call to the community and then dial your mobile phone for 24-hour security monitoring.

3. The height of the pick is high. Be careful when separating the attic: in a high-rise residential building, a two-story attic is separated. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, the materials and load-bearing of the additional structure must be considered. , the ratio of the thickness and height of the partition wall, etc. This type of transformation involves professional construction techniques such as precise calculation, reinforcement, and cutting. Before the transformation, it is necessary to check whether the design company has “structural construction safety design qualification”.

4. Install the oversized jacuzzi to pay attention to the floor load: petty people must like to have a large bathtub in their home, but to install such a bathtub, floor load is the key. Be sure to test if the floor can withstand the weight of the bathtub filled with water. Find an experienced and professional designer who can help you determine whether it is suitable for a large bathtub to ensure safety by the volume of the bathtub and the capacity of the floor.

Single-storey villa kitchen renovation :

Due to the height of the villa, TOWNHOUSE residence, the length of the flue, the exhaust volume of the hood, and the power of the motor should be larger. If the length of the flue is more than 4 meters, it should be considered to add a first-stage exhaust device to improve the exhaust effect. In addition, the floor hood is also a good choice.


Single-storey villa renovation costs:

American style is a small microcosm of American culture. It has an unrestrained style and symbolizes the social atmosphere of American freedom. The American style is more concise and clear, likes leisure, atmosphere, and uses wood veneer to decorate.

A large number of wood veneers can also be seen in the case, giving a warm and comfortable atmosphere experience! 1000-2000 yuan / flat, if the house is 400 square meters, then its base price is about 400-800,000. This is only the price of a half-pack, if you are all-inclusive, you still have to find a few decoration companies to understand.

Xiaobian introduces some nice points and precautions when decorating and decorating villas. Everyone can use them as a reference to understand. On the issue of these expenses, everyone can also understand as a simple one. I believe everyone can Choose the villa decoration plan that suits you best. In fact, the decoration of the villa is still relatively simple. Everyone consulted some furniture decoration companies, and then combined with some of their own wishes to decorate their homes, so that can be decorated into a very beautiful look. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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