Jiumu bathroom is good or not Jiumu bathroom purchase Raiders

As a large-scale kitchen and bathroom company with intelligent kitchen, bathroom, and hardware faucet, Jiumu is known as the “National High-tech Enterprise”. Its brand “JOMOO” is one of the kitchen and bathroom brands recognized by consumers. It was also recognized as “China Famous Brand”, “China Top Brand”, “China Environmental Labeling Product”, and “CCTV Annual Brand”. Government Green Procurement List. Here we will introduce nine, animal husbandry and sanitary good nine, animal husbandry bathroom buy Raiders.

Nine animal husbandry good or bad

Jiumu was established in 1990. The company is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It is a professional kitchen and toilet manufacturing company and has become a leading global sanitary ware manufacturer. Its products have sold more than 1 billion pieces globally, resulting in the effect of the scale of the overall sanitary ware and achieving global kitchen and bathroom classics. “Using one-stop pan-home customization solutions to subvert the traditional innovation strategy, become an international pan-home customization leader in 2020, become a global pan-home customization leader in 2030”, and become the company's vision for a new development stage. .

Jiumu bathroom shopping guide

A look: to see the reflective effect of the product, if the surface brightness index is high, the product quality is good, high-quality bathroom surfaces generally do not have trachoma and pitting.

Second touch: You can gently rub on the surface with your hands, generally flat and delicate as well, if you feel the fine feeling of "rustle" is better.

Listening: You can tap the ceramic surface with your hand. When a good ceramic material is struck, the sound will be crisp.

Four: The ratio of water absorption, the lower the water absorption rate of the bathroom, the better, if the water is sucked into the bathroom, it will produce swelling, it is easy for the bathroom surface glazed due to expansion and cracking.

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Nine animal husbandry bathroom jomoo Jiumu bathroom

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