What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber heating

What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber heating? When home improvement, many people need to install heating at home. There are many kinds of heating, some are equipped with heat sinks, some are installed with floor heating, and of course there is a carbon fiber floor heating. Is this warm? What are the advantages and disadvantages? This is a question that everyone will consider. Next, the website Xiaobian will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber heating.

First, what is carbon fiber to warm, carbon fiber is made of natural fibers or artificial organic chemical fiber carbonized. Its main component consists of carbon atoms. Another striking structure of carbon fiber is its well-developed surface area and rich micro-aperture. Carbon fiber is generally used in relatively high-end products and is a product commonly used in many military technologies. It is widely used in heating applications in developed countries, such as underfloor heating and Yujia warm house.

Second, the advantages of carbon fiber to warm, the body feel comfortable, ground heating source, the foot of the human body has a good foot heating, health effects, the saying goes, people cold feet first, people old feet first decline. In the room with carbon fiber floor heating, the human body feels a sense of warmth in addition to the daily heating, and there is a sense of warmth from the inside out, because the far-infrared health care effect of carbon fiber warming improves the microcirculation of the human body and gives people a good feeling. So this is very good. Of course, there are also drawbacks. There is radiation. Carbon fiber will produce certain radiation when it is warmed. Long-term use may have an impact on health, especially for pregnant women and children. So everyone should pay attention when choosing.

Third, the warming up of carbon fiber is relatively fast, so that after returning home in the cold winter, it will be very warm for a while. This is very good and will not make people suffer too much cold. Of course, the installation and maintenance costs are relatively low, and the service life is still very long. For a 100-square-meter house, the general laying price is no more than 10,000 yuan. No maintenance is required at ordinary times, and the product life is equivalent to the construction life. So this is everyone's first. However, there are also drawbacks, the need to frequently change the thermostat, due to the frequent use of room temperature controller, once every three to five years need to replace the thermostat, the price is 50 - 400 yuan range. So everyone should pay attention when choosing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber heating? The above points are summarized in this website's Xiao Bian, I believe we will have a certain understanding after reading, if you have those who want to know, you can see on our website Look, here are all aspects of home improvement.


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