GW-type corrosion-resistant sewage pump features

GW pump corrosion-resistant sewage pump has a very good overcurrent, with a reasonable volute, making the pump with high efficiency, the impeller static and dynamic balance test, the pump in the operation without vibration, the pump The main features are as follows: GW-type corrosion-resistant sewage pump features 1, the pump and motor direct coaxial, is a mechatronic product, compact structure, stable performance. 2, the large runner anti-clogging hydraulic components designed to greatly improve the dirt through the ability to effectively pass the pump diameter of 5 times the fiber material and the diameter of the pump diameter of about 50% of the solid particles. 3, reasonable design, matching motor reasonable, high efficiency, low noise, energy-saving effect is remarkable. 4, the mechanical seal with hard wear tungsten carbide, durable, wear-resistant and other characteristics, can make the pump safe and continuous operation of more than 8000 hours. 5, the pump for the vertical structure, import and export center line in the same horizontal line, and the same import and export of flange specifications, installation and removal is very convenient. 6, small footprint, no need to build the engine room, can save a lot of capital costs; in the motor blades with protective cover, the machine can be placed outdoors. In summary is the characteristics of GW-type corrosion-resistant sewage pump, these are for reference only. Read more: China Building Water Exhibition Pump Valve Tube Fittings Exhibition Water Expo Xiamen Maritime Exhibition Internet + Forum Yiwu Expo Industry Interconnection (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat:) (service hotline:)

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