Marble crystallization curing marble daily maintenance tips

Marble has been widely used in modern home renovations. However, the maintenance of marble is skillful. The most effective, lasting and most economical care method for marble care is crystal face care. Crystal face care will not harm the stone surface. Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a talk about the maintenance of marble crystallization . Interested friends would like to check it out!

Marble crystallization characteristics

1. After the marble is crystallized, the surface of the stone is uniform, clear, and has a mirror-like feeling, showing the original natural color of the stone.

2, high gloss, up to 85-95 degrees, basically reached the new factory stone standards.

3, high hardness, easy to scratch, generally hard objects (or natural walking) will not cause wear on the stone.

4, the surface is dry, does not absorb dust, easy to push dust every day.

Crystallization of marble

1) Wax cleaning: using wax water, with the washing machine on the ground from the wax scrub, the surface thoroughly cleaned;

2) do seamless processing;

3) The crystal powder is transferred into a paste with pure water and coated on a polishing pad;

4) Use 175 rev / min grazing machine load 45KG to start grinding, keep the floor wet during operation;

5) After the surface of the tile is finished with a high-gloss crystal surface, use a suction machine to suck off the remaining paste on the floor.

Marble daily maintenance

1-2 times a week stone care machine with nano wool pad (Brush pad) (if there is a 300-400 high speed machine better) spray a small amount of crystal surface maintenance agent or crystal hard powder on the clean or washed surface (The crystal hard powder must be added with water. The amount of water can be determined according to the humidity. The amount of water should be more when the weather is dry.) 1-2 grams per square meter.

Smooth it with a stone care machine, then grind it to light. Finally, use the dust to push the dust off the floor. Should be sprayed in sections, each 1-2 square meters. The pad should be kept clean. When too much dust is on it, the effect will be affected. If it is found to be stained, use it on the other side and change it until it is contaminated on both sides. Depending on the size of the work area, bring enough cleansing pad to clean it and dry it before use.

On a smooth dark floor, the pad can be replaced with a wire pad, which is better, but it should be noted that the floor is not smooth, or contamination of the pad will make the floor black.

Marble maintenance

Laying a waterproof mat in the middle of the door and the road where many people are walking to prevent sand grains from scratching the crystal surface.

1-2 times a month local maintenance, first put the crystal surface maintenance agent into the watering can, shake and spare. Match the stone care machine with the red scouring pad or the steel wire pad, spray the crystal surface maintenance agent dispersedly on the clean or washed stone surface, and evenly spread the ground (about 1-2 square meters) with the stone care machine, then Slowly and evenly dry, you can see bright. Do it paragraph by paragraph.

Note that the crystal surface maintenance agent should be evenly ground on the ground. If it is found to be uneven and leave a shadow, add a small amount of regrinding. The pad is very dry at the beginning and should be added with some crystal maintenance agent, which can be slightly reduced later.

If the work area is large, two stone care machines should be used as a group. One is responsible for distribution and one is responsible for polishing. The efficiency and effectiveness are significantly improved. Finally push the powder on the floor with dust to push it clean.

The above is the introduction of the related content of marble crystal maintenance. I hope to help you. For more knowledge about marble, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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