House decoration Raiders can be handy at every stage

For the average working-class person, it is not easy to buy a house with a loan, but after they get the house, they cannot immediately move in. They also need to be renovated. But for the first time the owner of the renovation, do not know the new house decoration process, so today Xiaobian came to everyone to talk about the whole house decoration Raiders it.

House decoration Raiders

1, the preparation for the house

Many owners will ignore the first problem in the renovation, that is to do a good job in the acceptance of new houses. The acceptance work mentioned here is not the acceptance after the completion of the renovation, but the developers will do after the completion of the renovation of the house frame. Acceptance work. It is best not to rush to collect your room on the first day unless you have a professional to lead the community owner team to collect the room. Look at others to see if you need to do house preparation and house collection procedures. If you can choose to collect room.

2, in the housing

The next step is to prepare relevant tools for collection: house receipts, paper pens, scissors, clear plastics, chalk, tape measure, spirit level, nails, brooms, and other related measurement tools. First of all, it is recommended that you look at the standard of housing, and whether or not there is a certificate for housing is determined in advance. Whether there is a book for a house. The so-called "one book, one certificate" is "construction engineering quality certification" and "integrated acceptance of real estate development and construction project qualification certificate." According to the corresponding clauses to see whether the wall is cracked, area and structure, etc. are in compliance.

3, formal decoration

The new house renovation process Raiders, the most important step is the decoration stage. Due to the large number of renovation projects and materials, there are many places that are not understood by the owners who first renovated. Therefore, the first choice needs to choose a decoration company to decorate for you. The decoration company must have a business license and credit guarantee. Selecting a formal decoration company will save the owner a lot of trouble. Followed by the choice of decoration methods, respectively, the whole packaging repair, semi-pack repair, clear packaging repair. The specific renovation process includes: choosing a decoration company - determining the renovation program - signing a renovation contract - purchasing building materials - hydropower reform - waterproof approach - woodworking approach - mud brickwork approach - painters - Bathroom, cabinet installation - finished door and window installation - acceptance and other specific processes.

4. Preparation before check in

Preparation before check-in is the last step in the new house decoration process. As the new house has just been renovated, it will leave some substances harmful to the human body, so it can not stay, more serious is the pollution of formaldehyde. Ventilation can always be maintained before admission, this is a key method, followed by placing some activated carbon in the room, calculated in an amount of 30 grams per square meter, placed in the room will also adsorb harmful gases. At the same time, buying some green plants to purify the air will also bring fresh air to the interior.

The above is the Raiders of the home renovation, Xiao Bian each process is just about the next speaking. To learn more about the complete series of housing renovation process, please visit this site information platform to understand.

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