Apartment House Renovation Notice Are apartment houses the same as apartments and houses?

In housing design, apartments are relatively new words, but they are developing rapidly. Single 80's loved the apartment style apartment. For apartment-style residential decoration, different people will have different views, pastoral style, simple style and other styles can be accepted here. Mainly small units of tens of square meters. In the case of high housing prices, an apartment can still be achieved for many people. The following Xiao Bian shares the residential house decoration notice and the difference between an apartment house and an apartment.

Definition of residential apartment type

Apartment-style residential units and business apartments, hotel apartments are not the same, it is a residential residential land, but it is not commercial land, it has a relatively long property rights, generally 70 years, but under normal circumstances no one to use it for business Office.

Are residential apartment units the same as homes?

The difference between apartment and residence

The concept of apartment-type units we have briefly described above, then we come to understand the difference between apartments and residential it!

One difference between apartment and residence: different for people

The apartment is generally located in the center of the city, and its resident population is based on commercial customers as the main group. The emphasis is on excellent hardware and software facilities and convenient travel conditions; while residential buildings generally value the lives of nearby schools and medical care. The facilities are perfect, and households are usually ordinary families for long-term residence.

The difference between apartment and residence II: property costs are not

Apartments and utilities are generally settled according to commercial standards, and its average unit price is relatively high, but the majority of the residents are business people, they do not care much about; and residential, its utilities are According to civil settlement, the average price per unit is also lower than that of apartments. Residents live and live here all year round, so the considerations will be more meticulous.

The difference between apartment and residence III: The degree of renovation is different

The apartment is furnished with refined decoration, more attention to the comfort of the living environment and the completeness of the supporting facilities and the thoughtful and detailed service; while the house can allow the life supporting facilities to lag behind to a certain extent, and the delivery is generally a rough room.

Difference between apartment and residence: Total purchase cost is different

The apartments are generally mostly small-sized apartments because the total cost of the apartment purchase is less, so the investment is to attract more people; while the residence is generally dominated by 2-3 bedrooms, its total cost is higher than the apartment, but it is used Do private homes instead of investing.

Benefits of Apartment Style

In short, apartment type units are combined with apartments and residences. It can not only be used as a personal residence but also as a rental or real estate investment. And its cost can be accepted by the general population. Because it is superior to the service facilities and decoration environment of ordinary houses, it is often favored by single aristocrats in cities.

Apartment House Decoration Precautions

Purchase furniture

Speaking of decoration, we have to say that furniture, and the overall decoration of the room is complementary, so that the choice of furniture is good, for the overall renovation has played a very crucial role. In the choice of furniture above, it must be determined when designing in the early stage. After all, the space of the apartment house is limited, and the dimensions should be determined when designing.

Overall style

Although it is an apartment house, but it can be decorated as a very luxurious effect, for the renovation of an apartment house, the first thing to consider is to consider the overall style, first determine the European style, modern simplicity, or landscape garden, etc., but for In terms of a style, we must strive for simplicity and clarity, so that the room appears more layered, so that the space seems to be much larger.

Functional Division

Due to the unique design features of apartment houses, the area is generally small, and the living room, bedroom, restaurant, etc. are in a large space. Therefore, the first thing to consider when making renovations is to partition the function. How can this be done? The narrow space creates a modern, home-like space that has become the focus of design. In general, functional partitions can be effectively separated using some partitions or the like.

Apartment building feng shui taboo

Feng Shui Taboo 1. Try not to choose the type of apartment house facing the west, because the health of the gate towards the West is relatively poor.

Feng Shui Taboo 2. The right type of Donghu is suitable for selection, Sanyang Kaitai, Rixu Oriental, and Vientiane.

Feng Shui Taboo 3. Choose the type of Ding Treasury that is best for the transportation.

Feng Shui taboo 4. Avoid the damage to the fortune in the transport of Ding's house.

One is the problem of floor transportation to the apartment building, the other is the purchase of the floor, and the other is the stress of the apartment building entrance ceremony. Therefore, buying a house or building a house is a consideration of transportation. The most important thing is to look at the exact time from the time of construction to occupation, that is, the most important factor in the purchase of a building.

Editing summary: The above is information about the decoration of apartment houses and information about the difference between apartment buildings and apartments and houses. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Apartment House

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