Redwood fake chaos: wipe the Italian coloring oil into old furniture

In recent years, the collection of redwood investment has been heating up, and mahogany furniture has become the first choice for investment consumers to preserve and increase value. Along with the constant speculation in the market, some products with history, scarce materials, and complicated carvings are priced at millions of tens of millions, which makes ordinary consumers discouraged. On the other hand, the intensified market competition has also made the market of mahogany furniture mixed.

When the reporter recently interviewed the mahogany furniture market on the Sino-Vietnamese border, experts from the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department and the mahogany furniture industry association pointed out that some mahogany furniture markets at border crossings have shoddy and shoddy conditions, and the regulators should strengthen In order to regulate governance, investors should also be highly vigilant.

Price chaos: double the border “waist” city

"Vietnamese red rosewood 13 sets of 350,000 yuan, Myanmar red rosewood 9 sets of 150,000 yuan ..." Recently, the reporter went to the Dongxing Port of Dongxing, China, the Dongxing Port, Hongxing Community, the price of mahogany furniture People pay attention: Nanning City sells up to 890,000 yuan of 13 sets of red rosewood, here the same paragraph as long as 350,000 yuan, the same paragraph of red rosewood Ming style ring chair Nanning City to 30,000 yuan, here as long as 10,000 yuan.

"This is the kind of goods, the northern guests are also often happy to store." Merchant Huang Zhi told reporters that many northern guests came to Dongxing, generally believe that the mahogany furniture here is cheaper than Beijing, Qingdao and Guangxi Pingxiang. “Affordable is the only standard for their purchase.”

Huang Zhi told reporters that Baiye Dongxing has more than 200 mahogany furniture dealers. Before 2013, it was difficult to find a shop, but now it is rare, and the market is particularly deserted.

Zhang Honglin, chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Redwood Furniture Professional Committee Brand Alliance, told reporters that in the process of rapid price squatting, in addition to some very strong enterprises can guarantee the materials, crafts and delivery dates of mahogany furniture, some The mahogany furniture at the border crossings often has the situation of shoddy and using the same type of raw materials as “redwood”.

The falsification techniques are endless

Relevant persons from the local Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, who is traveling with reporters, reminded: Don't look at Dongxing's mahogany furniture, which marks the origin, source and tree species of raw materials, but it is not strictly in accordance with the standard of mahogany. It takes years for insiders to see it. understand.

The inspection and quarantine personnel revealed that there are many ways to fake the mahogany furniture, and some fraudulent means or even professional mahogany experts are difficult to identify.

——Traditional techniques, the use of mahogany in the hand touch, the use of miscellaneous wood in the “hidden place”. In the traditional sense, the means of falsifying mahogany furniture is that after the raw materials are purchased, only the surface that is often touched during the processing is made of mahogany, and the legs and the back of the board are made of miscellaneous wood. Some superb manufacturers, even using mahogany flakes and glue, wrapped in miscellaneous wood to shoddy.

——Fake with “staining oil” and the furniture “Blowing Age”. The reporter saw in the identity of a buyer in a mahogany furniture manufacturer that before the set of furniture was delivered, a special person was responsible for “maintenance”: coloring the furniture with color-changing oil. Producer Wu Lili said: "We use Italian oil, which is slowly applied, and the color will penetrate into the furniture, so it seems to be 'old furniture'."

Wu Lili also revealed that the longer the mahogany furniture is, the deeper the color, the brighter and brighter the effect of the color than the price of the newly formed furniture.

——Through the “labeling” and “rebranding” methods. This falsification method is to use direct falsification at the stage of logs. For example, it is a red rosewood in Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. It must be marked with Vietnamese red rosewood; it is clearly African grass pear, but it must be labeled with Vietnamese rosewood. Many experienced merchants have also been deceived.

For example, Longxing wood and red sandalwood are not mahogany, but the texture and wood are similar to those of rosewood and rosewood. Just attach the corresponding sign and the price can be turned up several times. , Kotan and other posing as lobular rosewood, some laymen believe that they have bought "high quality and low price" mahogany furniture. The manufacturing process of mahogany furniture requires that the wood joints are all made of enamel structure, and some merchants will use nails to fix or glue them together.

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