"Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger" hotel main entrance Feng Shui knows

With the development of the economy, many places are building hotels, and then the hotel construction, in addition to considering the overall building structure and mechanical standards. Also consider the feng shui problem. Although Feng Shui is not the biggest reason for the operation of hotels in hotel management, Feng Shui can imply people's inner feelings to a certain extent. This shows the importance of hotel feng shui construction in the hotel.

1. Open the door in the middle of the main building of the hotel. It can be called “Suzaku Gate”. It is characterized by a flat land in front of it, which can be used to build a pool and parking lot.

2. Open the door on the left front or southeast side of the main building of the hotel, called “Qinglongmen”, which is the best door for Feng Shui.

3. Open the door on the right front or southwest side of the main building of the hotel. This is the “White Tiger Gate”. Although it is not the best location, it can be used to make up for its feng shui.

4. Open one door to the left and right of the front of the main building of the hotel. It should be noted that this door should pay attention to the flow direction of the car, and it is better to enter from the left side and the right side.

5. Open the door behind the main building of the hotel. This is the “Xuanwu Gate”. This opening is relatively rare, and from Feng Shui, it is not very good. If you open the door behind, enter from the "Xuanwumen", the door to the hotel itself still has to go to the front. Otherwise the door is not facing the sun, which is not good.

In addition, the following points are some of the details that need to be paid attention to when designing a hotel door:

1, pay attention to the entrance to the hotel must not go downhill, that is, the location of the hotel building should be higher.

2, the hotel yard is generally with the road together, generally hope that the road and pedestrian vehicles coming in from the left side of the hotel as well. So if there is a turntable in front of the door, it is generally the road that turns from left to right. This is the basic common sense of Feng Shui.

3. If the hotel's door is directly opposite, after entering the door, it must be covered with flower beds, pools or rockeries to ease the impact of the road directly on the gate. Avoiding feng shui can also reduce traffic accidents.

4, the hotel's door must not directly face the back door, do not directly see the back door. If this happens, it is best to use a rockery and a pool to block.

5, outside the hotel door to pay attention to the suffocating and angle, to avoid the impact of the opposite buildings and roads to the hotel. This avoids the poles, corners, dangerous buildings, big trees and pitted roads that are “sharp”, so you can live with the gas and avoid mapping to the vital parts of the hotel feng shui, avoiding harm to guests or shopkeepers. .

6. If there are elevated roads, circular overpasses, and descending steps of the overpass in front of the door - these places are more likely to have anti-bow roads, and there are noise and dust. It will upset the neighbors, restless, tempered, and close-knit relationship.

In addition, when designing the hotel, it is best to place stone lions, elephants and unicorns on both sides of the gate. The lion is mainly a town of evil spirits and evil spirits, while elephants and unicorns are both auspicious and lucky. They are all auspicious things in traditional Feng Shui.

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