Application of infrared camera in medical field

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The infrared camera generates a video image by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the object itself (8 - 14 micron wavelength). The higher the temperature of the object, the greater the infrared radiation energy, and the thermal imager obtains the temperature distribution of the surface of the object through the received infrared energy.

In the human body, especially in shallow tissue areas close to the surface of the skin, when the lesions, inflammation, etc. occur, the temperature distribution of the body surface usually changes. For example, breast cancer can cause the local body surface temperature to rise by 2 degrees, through the thermal imager. Can be found in advance. In the human thermal image of Figure 1, different gradations or colors are used to represent different temperatures, thereby visually displaying body surface temperature and blood vessel distribution. Dedicated software can also provide in-depth analysis for diagnosis and treatment. .

Application of infrared camera in medical field

Thermal imaging camera for the detection of body surface lesions, inflammation, etc.

In recent years, thermal imaging cameras have gained more applied research in the medical field. For example, a cancer research center in the United States uses the giant brother MAG62 thermal imager to analyze the association between chemotherapy dose and body surface temperature. The human body reactions caused by chemotherapy include rash, pigmentation, telangiectasia, ulcers, etc. The camera can be found before the symptoms appear, providing a reference for the rational use of the chemotherapy dose. During the experiment, the researchers recorded and compared the body surface temperature inside and outside the radiation area, and found that the temperature of the human body in the radiation area was higher than that outside the radiation area, and had a strong positive correlation with the radiation dose. In the figure, by matching the thermal image and the CT image, the researchers obtained a correlation coefficient of up to 0.9 against the radiation dose distribution. The researchers believe that the thermal imager can monitor and verify the reasonableness of the radiation dose by monitoring the changes in body surface temperature.

Thermal imaging camera for monitoring chemotherapy doses

In China, as people pay more and more attention to physical health, thermal imaging cameras are also used in physical examination, acupuncture treatment and other fields. Through the analysis of body surface temperature, an intuitive evaluation of human health or therapeutic effects is obtained to help formulate and improve treatment measures.

Thermal imaging instrument for physical examination and evaluation of therapeutic effects such as acupuncture, moxibustion and massage

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