Detailed 5 steps for ceiling construction!

There are differences in the construction methods of ceiling decoration of different materials and different spaces. Here, Xiao Bian does not list every method of construction of ceilings, but lists the main points of construction of ceilings.

First, ceiling construction preparation

The preparations for the construction of the suspended ceiling mainly include checking whether the size of the structure is consistent with the design drawing; checking whether the equipment pipeline is installed; and preparing the ceiling installation materials and tools.

Second, grassroots processing

Before the installation of the ceiling, the roof should be inspected. If the construction quality does not meet the requirements, remedial measures should be taken promptly.

Third, positioning of bullets

The ceiling spring line mainly includes the elevating ceiling elevation line and keel arrangement grid positioning. The elevation line can use the water column method to mark the ceiling plane position, and then press the position to pop up the elevation line; the positioning of the keel grid needs to be determined according to the size of the veneer and the arrangement of the keel grid. In order to facilitate the installation of the two keels, the centerline spacing is generally larger than the size of the faceplate 2MM. The keel layout needs to ensure the uniformity and integrity of the keel grid to ensure that the ceiling has a regular decorative effect. First draw the ceiling area on the paper in proportion, and then arrange the ceiling keel on the paper according to the principle of keel arrangement. Once you have a good location, draw the location on the wall.

Ceiling keel installation ceiling material

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