Engineering and technical knowledge: a brief description of the classification and use of waterproof coatings

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Waterproof coatings can be divided into: roof waterproof coatings, underground waterproof coatings and road bridge waterproof coatings according to the parts of use. It can also be divided into volatilization type, reaction type and reaction volatile type according to the molding type. It is generally classified according to the type of main film-forming substance. Waterproof coatings are divided into: acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, high polymer modified asphalt and other waterproof coatings.

Waterproof coating is especially suitable for waterproofing of various complicated and irregular parts, and can form a seamless waterproof membrane without seams. The coated waterproof coating is not only the main body of the waterproof layer but also the adhesive, so the construction quality is easy to ensure and the maintenance is simple. Waterproof coatings are widely used in roof waterproofing engineering, basement waterproofing engineering, and ground moisture and anti-seepage.

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