Explosion-proof surveillance camera lens and distance relationship

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As a security technology, the explosion-proof probe closed-circuit monitoring TV (CCTV) system plays an increasingly important role in star-rated hotels, banks, chemical plants, oil depots, ports, terminals, government agencies, etc., including the current oil. Chemical companies also use CCTV systems as an important means of security and safe production. In order to make security CCTV technology play a better role in industrial safety production, in each CCTV monitoring project, how to correctly select the explosion-proof camera lens is very important for economic indicators and technical performance.

Explosion-proof surveillance camera

Lens classification

According to the monitoring field application, the types of lenses can be roughly divided into:

1. Wide-angle lens: The angle of view is above 90 degrees, and it is generally used in small laboratory, small halls and other large viewing angles;

2. Standard lens: The angle of view is about 30 degrees, which is generally used in places such as walkways and production sites;

3. Telephoto lens: The viewing angle is within 20 degrees, and the focal length ranges from tens of millimeters to hundreds of millimeters for remote monitoring.

4. Zoom lens: The lens has a variable focal length range, which can be changed from wide angle to telephoto, for areas with large depth of field and wide viewing angle;

Determination of lens focal length

When choosing a lens, there are five factors that determine the lens standard:

(1) monitoring the size of the site;

(2) the size of the object;

(3) object distance;

(4) focal length;

Manual aperture and auto iris selection lens aperture is divided into manual and automatic. In the past, due to the use of explosion-proof infrared cameras in outdoor or other special occasions, automatic aperture lenses were often used. In the current monitoring project, indoor monitoring points account for a high proportion due to the large use of CCTV monitoring systems in industrial production. Many engineering companies also like to use automatic aperture lenses when they make engineering equipment quotations. Although the auto iris lens is more adaptable to the light changes of the monitoring point, its price is also significantly higher than the manual focus lens of the same focal length. Most of today's explosion-proof cameras have electronic shutters, and the indoor light source is also relatively stable. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a large number of automatic aperture lenses in industrial monitoring projects; on the other hand, the automatic aperture lenses currently used in the market are divided into two categories:

a. power drive auto iris lens;

b. Video driven auto iris lens. The power-driven auto iris lens controls the lens through four wires. Two of them are DC12V or AC24V power to drive the motor in the lens. The other two control wires sense the illumination of the external light source through the light sensing point in the lens. The size of the video-driven auto iris lens is controlled by three wires, one of which is a video trigger signal to start the aperture and control the aperture size, and the other two are DC12V or AC24V power lines to drive the motor. Most black-and-white or color-explosion-proof cameras on the market today have an automatic iris lens interface, but most of the explosion-proof cameras are not compatible except for a few compatible lenses. Only the power-driven auto iris lens or video-driven auto iris lens can be used. If some explosion-proof cameras are damaged during use, the newly purchased explosion-proof camera has the problem of compatibility with the original automatic iris lens. However, when the monitoring point in the project is outdoors, it is necessary to use a lens with automatic aperture, because the dynamic range of the outdoor light varies greatly, the ambient illumination in summer sunlight reaches 50000Lx-100000Lx; at night, the streetlight is only 10Lx. The magnitude of the change is quite large. In this case, whether the vehicle-mounted explosion-proof camera has the function of automatically adjusting the sensitivity, that is, it is impossible to adapt to such a wide illumination range by the electronic shutter of the explosion-proof camera itself, and the effect of controlling the image effect cannot be achieved. In the TV monitoring system, it is very important to correctly select the explosion-proof surveillance camera lens according to the monitored environment in the field, because it directly affects whether the effect of the monitored surface painting seen on the system end monitor after the system is composed can be satisfied. The design requirements of the system (in terms of screen range or image detail), so the correct use of an explosion-proof fixed-focus camera lens allows the system to be optimally designed and achieve good monitoring results. The explosion-proof zoom camera lens can be divided into a manual aperture lens and an automatic aperture lens in terms of aperture, and can be divided into a fixed focus lens and a zoom lens in terms of focal length.

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