Terrazzo floor decoration is so beautiful!

Speaking of terrazzo floors , I don't know if you first thought of the kind of state-run wind floor in a university canteen or a public hospital. If so, please change your prejudice quickly. After all, terrazzo floors are associated with the traditional old school. It is really not trendy! Unt-----

Long axis liquid pump works

Long axis liquid pump is suitable for conveyor belt particles, high viscosity, acid, alkali, salt, strong oxidants and other corrosive media, then the pump works is what? Here's what Long axis liquid pump working principle of introduction. Long axis submerged pump works Long axis submerged pump-----

Renovations 3 big items are waiting for regret!

Decoration is not a good thing to buy a good thing, if not good decoration process, then it is easy to issue a variety of issues, such as cutting corners, workers and other workers, so we need to strictly control, Xiaobian today to tell you about the decoration process The big three need to strictly-----

I feel that EMO2015: we can't miss the opportunity …

Abstract “When we are still frowning on how to achieve breakthroughs in the quality, efficiency, process and scale of key component manufacturing, people are already installing brains for parts. The gap is not at one level! When we are shouting in China 2025 When people have already... -----